Pets scheduled for surgical, dental, or medical drop-off procedures are admitted 7:30-9:00AM Monday through Friday.

They should be brought in on an empty stomach (no food after midnight). Dental and surgical patients should also not be allowed to drink after midnight the night before the procedure. Plan on 5 - 15 minutes to sign the necessary consent forms when you drop your pets off. In addition, we will need a phone number where we can contact you during the procedure if we have any questions.

Boarding patients may be dropped off anytime during office hours. We recommend you bring your pet's food and treats to minimize any dietary changes. Favorite toys are also welcome. Bedding and blankets are not required. If you bring them, however; keep in mind they should be machine washable.

If your dog will be staying more than three days with us, we suggest a cleansing bath before discharge (available at 50% off our regular rates). Please give us a phone number where we can reach you while you are away in case we need to contact you.