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Senior Pet Care

Thanks to recent veterinary advancements, our pets are living longer and healthier than ever, however senior pets require extra care. Their bodies and immune systems slow down with time, and because our pet’s lives are shorter than ours, pet’s senior years can begin as early as the age of seven. For smaller dogs and cats, senior status is typically recognized around the age of nine. By the age of ten, all dogs and cats are considered seniors.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

One of the reasons it is important for your senior pet to receive special veterinary attention is because they are at greater risk of contracting a chronic disease such as arthritis or diabetes. Regular veterinary check-ups allow a doctor to catch diseases like this early. Thus, we suggest senior pets receive semi-annual checkups, rather than the annual schedule we recommend for younger pets.

During these check-ups, the veterinarian will likely perform the following tests to assess their overall condition and health:

  • Bloodwork aids us in identifying general conditions, like anemia and infection. Bloodwork also reveals age-related conditions common in senior pets, like diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and much more.
  • Urinalysis provides a solid representation of your pet’s overall health status. Urinalysis results can also help us to identify diabetes, urinary tract infections, and liver disease.
  • X-rays provide us with information that may not be discernible through a physical examination or bloodwork.
  • Glaucoma screening measures the pressure in each eye quickly and painlessly. Glaucoma can cause permanent blindness, so this test is especially important for senior pets.

If you are a senior pet owner, more frequent veterinary appointments will not be the only change in your pet’s care that you will experience. It is normal for pets to slow down as they age, both physically and mentally over time. If you notice a sudden change in your senior pet’s behavior, please call us immediately.

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